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Provincial and municipal leaders visited Shaanxi Sciphar Company

Time:2017-12-21 16:55Source:Sciphar The editor:Sciphar-ren Hits:
Provincial and municipal leaders visited Shaanxi Sciphar Company

Shaanxi Provincial Food and DrugAdministration Party Secretary, Secretary Hu Xiaoping visited Mori Daeje HealthIndustrial Park, Shaanxi Sciphar Group of food, pharmaceutical production andindustry precision poverty alleviation situation. Shangluo City Vice Mayor ZhouXiucheng, Shangluo City Food and Drug Administration Director Li Yu Shan,Shangzhou District Standing Committee, Deputy Mayor Li Luhu, accompanied byresearch. Shaanxi Xinfo Group Chairman Jin Xinkang accompanied the company andrelated to the situation.

Leaders listened to the introduction of theconstruction of the Health and Wellness Industrial Park and the implementationof the precision poverty alleviation industry

Shaanxi Sciphar is a focus on"Internet + Featured Agriculture + health industry" high-techenterprises. The company mainly engaged in biomedical, functional food, modernagriculture, e-commerce, network technology, data technology, electricitybusiness park, cultural tourism, education and training business. Has beenrated as state-level e-commerce demonstration enterprises, state-levelhigh-tech enterprises, key scientific and technological enterprises in ShaanxiProvince, Shaanxi Province, brand-name enterprises, Shaanxi Province, thepioneer of poverty alleviation enterprises, innovation and innovation base inShaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province Innovation R & D Center, Leadingenterprises, recycling model enterprises.

The company's production of solid drinks,alternative tea, candy products, edible vegetable oil, food additives, Chinesemedicine Pieces and other products have been through the Food and DrugAdministration Food SC, GMP production license certification. Products throughthe United States NOP, the European Union EOS organic certification, HALAL,KONSHER certification, HACCP food safety management system certification, andISO9001, ISO22000 international quality management system certification andISO14001 environmental management system certification. Made more than 100national invention patent applications.

The company established its own R & Dtesting center, set up a product quality and safety traceability system, foreach product are marked with the only two-dimensional code, to achieve thesource traceable, where to query, from the source to ensure product quality andsafety.



Enterprises in the development of the sametime, Sciphar company actively practice social responsibility, the developmentof green economy, help out of poverty tackling. In 2015, the company set up the"Shaanxi Senfu Precision Poverty Alleviation and Development Center",set up 100 million yuan of special funds for poverty alleviation, povertyalleviation, poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation, education and povertyalleviation. Companies to rely on the Internet as a major data, upstream in theindustrial chain layout of modern agriculture, agricultural products in the SenFu Industrial Park to produce health products, through the Internet sales tothe rest of the world, creating a "Internet + Featured Agriculture +Demonstration Garden + poor households + Large health industry, "theprecision of the closed-loop development model.

In the survey, President Hu Xiaoping gave ahigh degree of recognition to Sunford's development. He said that the safety offood and drug safety of thousands of households, the relationship between eachperson's health and safety, the relevant enterprises must firmly establish thesafety and quality, in strict accordance with laws, regulations and food, drug safetystandards in production and business activities, In this point to do a goodjob, it is worth learning from other enterprises in the province. He said thatfood and drug supervision departments in strengthening supervision at the sametime, will continue to do a good job to promote business to achieve betterdevelopment.

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