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Sciphar "kind of dream" program will be at 8:00 on November 8 broadcast in the CCTV four sets

Time:2017-10-11 16:05Source:Sciphar The editor:Sciphar-ren Hits:
Sciphar "kind of dream" program will be at 8:00 on November 8 broadcast in the CCTV four sets
Shaanxi Sciphar in the enterprise development at the same time, in-depth development of industrial precision poverty alleviation, leading poor households take the road of common prosperity, has been provincial and municipal leaders at all levels and the community fully affirmed and widely acclaimed, also attracted the focus of the central media attention. CCTV specializes in the "Marigold industry" as the starting point, produced the "planted a dream" feature program, will be November 8 in the CCTV four Chinese international channel "traveled China" broadcast.

      Premiere time is November 22nd 22:00; Replay time for the next day 02: 30,13: 30.

        The program highlights the Sciphar company to rely on Internet data, combined with poor households, the layout of the modern industrial chain in the upper reaches of agriculture, agricultural products in the Sciphar Industrial Park, National Cheng Kung University health products, sold through the Internet to 65 countries and regions More than 96,000 customers, to create the "Internet + modern agriculture + Demonstration Park + poor households + large health industry," the accurate development of closed-loop poverty alleviation model.
        Sciphar, the global natural health industry leading brands. The company now has four companies, mainly engaged in bio-medicine, functional food, modern agriculture, e-commerce, network technology, data technology, electricity business park, cultural tourism, education and training. Is a national e-commerce model enterprises, the most social responsibility of enterprises in Shaanxi Province, e-commerce training base in Shaanxi Province, the public space, the Shaanxi Provincial Star Chuang Tiandi, key scientific and technological enterprises in Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province Innovation Research Center, Base, industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration enterprises in Shaanxi Province, municipal agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, municipal recycling-oriented model enterprises.
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